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I've updated my popular five star coach calculator for Football Manager 2020. This calculator can be used to work out the star rating of each coach in each of the coaching assignments.

Football Manager Tools | FM20 Coach Calculator

Welcome to my all new and improved FM20 coach calculator.


We all want the best coaches available for our clubs to help us with player development, in the youth and the first teams. It sometimes seems a bit hit and miss with signing coaches, so I created a tool that enables me to calculate the staff star rating ahead of signing them so we can make sure we only have 5-star coaches at the club (or as close to as we can).

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Simply enter the coaches mental attributes into the FM20 coach calculator, and then, depending on whether you’re looking for a fitness coach, general coach or goalkeeping coach, enter the attribute values that are specific to the coach in question, e.g., for a fitness coach you only need to enter their Determination, Level of Discipline and Motivating mental attributes and then their Fitness attribute. The FM20 coach calculator will then give you their star rating.



Coaches only play a small role in developing players at your club. You should also ensure you upgrade your training facilities to make sure your players have the best equipment available to help them reach their potential.

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If you find any issues with this FM 20 coach calculator, please do get in touch with me. I will do my best to keep it up to date for future versions of the game, too. If you would like a German version of this calculator, please visit our good friends at who have translated this calculator for you.

Until next time.

Oliver Jensen


    1. Do you have an example? I’ve just tested it again with 5 of my coaches and got the right results.

      Possession Tactical = Determination, Level of Discipline, Motivating + Mental and Tactical
      Possession Technical = Determination, Level of Discipline, Motivating + Mental and Technical

      My calculator uses the above, as does the game.


      1. I think I found your issue. If you try to enter a value in a protected range and get an error it stops the calculator working unless you refresh so looks like it is wrong.


    1. Hey Ash. I’ve completely rebuilt this. You might have an issue with your cache. Have you tried in another browser or clearing your cache? Try restarting your browser, too. Let me know if this helps.


  1. hey. Great job with this!!
    I have the same as Ash. It was working fine before, now it shows wrong results. I’ve tried different browser.
    E.g. Warren Joyce (Hull City)
    Det – 15, LoDis – 16, Mot -19,
    Def – 17, Ment – 17, Tact – 11, Tech – 4
    Your calculator shows 5 stars in both def training and possesion tactical. When I appointed him he has only 4 stars in them.
    PS. sorry if I’ve posted twice. didn’t know if it worked first time as the post didn’t show up.


    1. Hey Tom, thanks for pointing this out. I think I’ve found the issue. Some browsers are having issues displaying the stars correctly. Are yours close together? There should be a gap. I think this is causing the gold colour to bleed into the next star showing incorrect results. Could you reach out to me on twitter if you use that? @fmfutbolmanager


      1. On both opera and firefox it showed 5 stars. Perhaps it was it, but one (whole) star difference is big for a display issue. Now when you changed to numbers the results are correct. Sry I don’t use twitter 🙂 All good for you!


      2. It’s because the stars are filled from left to right depending on the number (that you now see). Some browsers were moving the stars close together so the gold filled more stars in. The underlying numbers are correct, so I need to fix the display issue.


      3. Hey Tom, I’ve just made an update. Would you mind checking again for me? I have no way of testing if this works as it was always working on my computer. Thanks.


  2. Hi Oliver,

    Just tested again on Chrome, IE & Firefox.

    I am using Marvin Brown as test subject. His stats in current save is as below:

    Determination 10
    Discipline 9
    Motivating 20

    Attk 17
    Def 9
    Fit 11
    Mental 13
    Technical 16

    The calculator is showing his Attk Tactical & Technical as 4 & 1/2 star.

    In game he is 4 star only.




    1. Hi Ash, thanks for checking again.

      I think you might have an old version of the calculator cached in your browser. I’m seeing 4 stars here when I test it with those numbers and others with the same issue that you had have now reported that it is working correctly.


  3. Would you be able to share the formulas you used? I want to make a excel sheet for my personal use and I can’t find these formulas anywhere. Thanks!


    1. There are lots of posts on the internet with the formulas. Mine are hidden behind code which if I copied and pasted here wouldn’t make sense. For example, IF(fieldname8*6+fieldname13*3+(fieldname3+fieldname4+fieldname5)*2>=270,5,IF(fieldname8*6+fieldname13*3+(fieldname3+fieldname4+fieldname5)*2>=240,4.5 etc.


      1. The first line break of code breaks down to Attx6 + Techx3 + (DDM)x2 If it is equal to or greater than 270, theyre a 5 star coach. Between 270 and 245 theyre 4.5 star. Is that right?


  4. Ok I just found them. I’ve literally spent hours on this. I just remembered FM19 is when they updated the training stuff. I couldn’t find anything for FM20 but when I searched FM19 I finally found them. Thanks for the help!


      1. I looked at the source code of the site. These are the formulas used:

        Goalkeeping: Shot Stopping GKShSt * 9 + ( Det + Dis + Mot ) * 2
        Goalkeeping: Handling GKHand * 6 + GKDistr * 3 + ( Det + Dis + Mot ) * 2
        Defending: Tactical Def * 6 + Tac * 3 + ( Det + Dis + Mot ) * 2
        Defending: Technical Def * 6 + Tec * 3 + ( Det + Dis + Mot ) * 2
        Attacking: Tactical Att * 6 + Tac * 3 + ( Det + Dis + Mot ) * 2
        Attacking: Technical Att * 6 + Tec * 3 + ( Det + Dis + Mot ) * 2
        Possession: Tactical Tac * 6 + Men * 3 + ( Det + Dis + Mot ) * 2
        Possession: Technical Tec * 6 + Men * 3 + ( Det + Dis + Mot ) * 2
        Fitness: Strength Fit * 9 + ( Det + Dis + Mot ) * 2
        Fitness: Quickness Fit * 9 + ( Det + Dis + Mot ) * 2

        270 ≤ Result ≤ 300 : 5 Stars
        240 ≤ Result < 270 : 4.5 Stars
        210 ≤ Result < 240 : 4 Stars
        180 ≤ Result < 210 : 3.5 Stars
        150 ≤ Result < 180 : 3 Stars
        120 ≤ Result < 150 : 2.5 Stars
        90 ≤ Result < 120 : 2 Stars
        60 ≤ Result < 90 : 1.5 Stars
        30 ≤ Result < 60 : 1 Star
        0 ≤ Result < 30 : 0.5 Stars


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